Senior Vice President Operations

Location: East Coast

The Company:

A Global Contract Research Organization specializing in preclinical testing services with a focus on Early Stage Development, Central Lab Services and Quality Control.


Scope of the Job:

Your primary responsibility will be to lead and expand the testing services utilizing the agreed upon strategy. You will be expected to achieve maximum business expansion and profitability goals by attracting and retaining new clients to increase net sales.


You will be expected to:


1. Establish a strategy and business plan for significant growth in the clinical trials market in the U.S.

2. Expand sales while achieving and maintaining corporate profitability targets.

3. Recruit and develop staff as needed to set up efficient, effective laboratory operations, including the laboratories themselves, data management, project management, information technology, logistics, and quality assurance.

4. Assure the highest standards of quality and compliance with all aspects of corporate business conduct.

5. Lead the day-to-day operations of the U.S. business maintaining or exceeding the group standards for profitability, quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction, business development, employee satisfaction and development, and compliance with financial and administrative procedure guidelines.

6. Provide specific leadership to the sales team and take a direct role in marketing and sales activities.

7. Assure adherence to global pricing structures.

8. Maintain global standardization with regard to equipment, reagent use, implementation of reference ranges, study conduct, information technology infrastructure, standard operating procedures, etc.

9. Assure compliance with all local and national accreditation requirements.

10. Manage costs and efficiency with ongoing value improvement and profitability increases while outperforming industry standards.

11. Provide overall team leadership with close attention to the recruitment, development, and retention of outstanding employees and teams and a culture of excellence in customer service and responsiveness.

12. Lead and participate in global initiatives and assignments, as requested.

Candidate Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent in business administration, accountancy, sales, marketing, computer sciences or related discipline.

2. An MSc in the Life Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Medicine), Ph.D., M.D. and/or M.B.A. degree.

3. A minimum of 5-8 years of experience in a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical laboratory, CRO or Contract Lab.

4. Successful track record as a general manager, division head, department head or CEO with profit/loss accountability in a business with $50 Million in revenue.

5. Particular emphasis on strong analytical skills.

6. Strong preference for a background in laboratories, laboratory management or project management, particularly to biopharmaceutical companies.

7. Comfort working in a diverse, multi-cultural environment.

8. Cultivates a deep, proactive understanding of customers' requirements and goals across customers' entire value chain.

9. Acts as a customer advocate, taking initiative to overcome obstacles, solve customer problems and improve overall customer satisfaction and demand.

10. Possesses a sophisticated understanding of what relationships are important to the company and how to leverage them into enduring competitive advantage.

11. Translates corporate business goals into well defined performance plans and metrics for the organization that deliver results exceeding expectations.

12. An entrepreneurial mindset, with the ability to lead and motivate employees.

13. Personal integrity with a firmly rooted code of business ethics.

14. Numerate and financially disciplined.

15. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills at all levels within the organization.

16. Demonstrated ability to successfully develop a business and sales in a dynamic, competitive marketplace.

17. Operational skills and experience, with the ability to drive efficiency and achieve synergies while maintaining a high level of customer service.

18. A personal commitment to the fundamental importance of successful recruitment, retention, development, and team dynamics to the ultimate success of the organization.

19. Demonstrated understanding of organizational dynamics, effective decision-making and business processes, including setting individual performance goals, measurement, and incentives.

20. A strong record of accomplishment in achieving challenging business objectives, including growth in market share, revenue, profit, quality, customer loyalty, and innovation.

21. Passionate champion of the company, its mission, values, and goals.

22. High Energy.

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